Beer Coolers Replacing Water Coolers in The Office

Mon 14 May 2018


corona beer cooler



Don't you wish the water cooler was actually a beer cooler instead?

I like beer coolers better than water coolers. They are just so much more fun to talk around. Do you have a beer cooler? I am in the market for a new one. There are so many coolers to choose from nowadays, such as the scooter, backpack, remote, personalized ones, and even jet engines ones! This blog is my quest to find the best beer cooler around. And to help others find the best! It is all about cold beer!

So while I was searching for the best beer coolers I got to thinking about people talking around water coolers at the office. I know you wish it was around a beer one instead. Do you gossip around the water cooler at work? Gossiping is actually not a very nice thing to do. It is not good to say negative things about people. Even if it is not negative, it is not good to speculate, because that could cause problems down the road for that person. No one likes to be gossiped about, do you? So try not to gossip in the future. Only say good things. Look for the good in everybody or just try not to hang around that person. Don't hang around bad people that get you down, because then they will make you negative. Or do you ask your friends and fellow co-workers about their lives and how they have been lately? I know you probably do the right thing. 

Am I going to actually talk about beer coolers on this blog yet? Yes, I am. I just get carried away sometimes. And I don't like negativity. Plus, I really do wish the water in that cooler was beer, but that is why you have to choose a job where you can drink one while you work! Like work from home jobs! Although, you cannot drink more than one really, because then you will not be able to work very well. Do I have a beer in my hand while I type this though? No, but I should have one. I cannot believe I don't. Well, truth be told I am on a diet right now. I don't really want to start drinking again until I loose some weight, but that is what light beers are for right? Anyway you don't want to hear about weight talk, you want to here about the best beer coolers, right? Hmm…I never really drink light beers though. I just cannot bring myself to buy one, I like the nice dark beers.

The Beer in the Beer Cooler

Okay, let's talk about beer for a bit. Yes, I love the pale ales, something that does not leave a bitter aftertaste in your mouth though. I like beer, so while I am talking about coolers full of beer, it is hard not to actually talk about beer itself. An icy cold beer feels so good running down the throat. Beer is a good thing as long as you don't get drunk though. Being drunk can lead one to make some unwise decisions. I believe we were given a spirit of self-control, we have to use our self-control in order to drink beer. However, beer is a good thing, beer is here to make our hearts merry. It is a nice beverage to drink while enjoying pleasant conversation with friends and loved ones. As Benjamin Franklin said, "Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy." So heers to beer!

Anyway, I am in the market for a new ice chest cooler to hold all of my great beer. Ours seems to always break when we are at football games! Which cooler do you think I should buy? I am going to make a comparative post soon. I am a bargain shopper. I like to shop on the Internet and read reviews and find the best deal! When it comes to shopping I am pretty patient. I am not one of those that has to have the product as soon as it comes out. I like to wait and see how it plays out. Sometimes the company find things wrong with the product and they have to fixed them. Waiting also allows me to read the reviews. Most of all though, waiting allows me to buy the beer cooler for the best price! Are you a patient shopper or do you have to have the newest best product as soon as it comes out? If you have that jet engine cooler, then please let me know about it, okay?

I am serious please let me know if you have the jet engine cooler, because mine is pretty much an antique beer cooler. I hope you enjoyed my little cooler talk and hopefully I didn't ramble on too much? Nah, I have gone on for longer than this. Who knows what kind of lengthy posts lies in the future, at least you know there will be beer involved. Keep on reading for some real great talk about the best beer cooler ever!